Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A true CrazyBoy...

Got this gameboy clone (from someone, used) quite a few years ago. Here it is with the only game cartridge i have:

It still kind of works, but I can't play the games. I tried pushing the buttons but the device didn't respond:

Top and bottom view:

Back view with cartridge inserted:

Cartridge and battery covers removed

Back panel removed (I modified the power socket at the bottom right, way back when I got the device):

Inside view of the back cover. Notice the power switch at the top left side, and battery compartments:

Other side of the pcb (this side faces the lcd):
(Extra large view)

Business side of the pcb with all the components:
(Extra large view)

After removing the pcb, this is the back side of the front panel (see first picture). The board in the middle is of course the back side of the lcd:

Close up of the lcd board:

Sadly the lcd has some age damage. I clearly remember this damage didn't exist when I got the device:

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